A trip to the stars from the BYU-I observatory

People gather to watch he presentation Photo credit: Grant Wearn

When nights are clear, people are able to look at the stars to witness what the galaxy has to offer but can get a more detailed view with BYU-Idaho’s Planetarium: Open every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the George Romney the public is able to look into the stars.

participants sit back in their chairs and look up at the galaxy presentation
Participants look at the stars Photo credit: Grant Wearn

“I thought it was great and prompted a lot of great questions,” said Aaron Christensen, one of the participants who traveled from Shelley with his two sons.

Walking into the Planetarium — which can seat up to 40 people — participants will watch a film that is projected onto the ceiling that show high-definition images that are captured from telescopes from all around the world.

stars swirling against purple background
View that can been seen in the presentation Photo credit: Grant Wearn

The presentations change every month and provide a variety of imagery and videos from all over the galaxy and the universe. Participants will get a lesson in the history of astronomy and how far the human race has come to look into the stars.

“One of the best parts is, beforehand, the operators will kinda show you what’s in the night sky that night and so you can go outside that night and take what you learn and look for things they pointed out,” said Emily Payne, host of the Planetarium presentation. “And when it comes to the actual show, I feel they are very informative they have lovely graphics and it is so beautiful to see everything.”

Tickets cost $3 per person or $2 for students. All are welcome to come and take a view into looking at our billion-year-old universe.