Artwork and floral arrangements depict Christ’s life

The Walk will include original and traditional artwork from the life of Christ. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

Friday, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., “A Walk In the Life of Christ” will feature favorite local original and traditional artwork of the Savior’s life in the Benson Building Greenhouses.

The art show will be an open house. Artwork will be accompanied by interpretive floral arrangements with refreshments at the conclusion of the walk.

Portrait of Jesus Christ
Some pieces of artwork will have floral interpretations. Photo credit: Pixexid

Tickets will cost $5 for students and faculty and $6 for the community and can be purchased in the BYU-Idaho ticket office. Parking will be available in the Benson and Taylor parking lots.

Christus statue
The art show will include original and traditional pieces. Photo credit: Flickr

Wheelchair access is limited because of the location of the event. Attendees are encouraged to wear Sunday dress.

The Advanced Wedding and Event Planning class is hosting the event.

“The assignment was to create a vision board and then discuss it with Sister Robison,” said Melissa Pearson, a senior studying horticulture.

After brainstorming, Katie Robison, an applied plant science professor, selected three ideas. The students voted and chose one of Pearson’s ideas.

“I remember when I did the cultural floral class and we had an assignment to interpret a painting of Christ which started the idea, but I honestly think it was the Spirit,” Pearson said. “The Savior is very important to me and He has always been a constant light in my life so I wanted to do something that worshipped Him.”

The students have worked all semester to plan the event so it runs smoothly.

“We hope that attendees will come away from the experience with a strengthened belief and appreciation for all the Savior has done and does now for each of us,” Robison said. “We especially hope that people will be able to appreciate and find inspiration from fine art as well as floral art.”