Battleship tournament ends in duel

Teams collide during Semifinal B. Photo credit: Trey Wilkinson

On Saturday the Department of Campus Sports and Recreation hosted a team-based battleship tournament in the pool of the John W. Hart Building. Thirty-two teams competed for the championship, but it was team AUZZY POO POO who took home the prizes.

The 32 contending teams were broken up into five, lettered pods, each pod played two heats. The top two or three teams in each pod advanced to the semifinals. A point system was used to determine which teams would advance out of each pod.

The Royal Canadian Navy attempts to sink the eventual champion AUZZY POO POO.
The Royal Canadian Navy (boat C22) attempts to sink the eventual champion AUZZY POO POO. Photo credit: Trey Wilkinson

Pod A advanced teams included: 6 Feet Tall & Waterproof, The Black Pearl I and Flash Floods advanced.

Pod B advanced teams included: McRedd Heads I, AUZZY POO POO and Super Soakers advanced.

Pod C advanced teams included: Let That Sink In, The Royal Canadian Navy and Dora the Destroyer. Team Dora the Destroyer was absent when the semifinals began and were disqualified.

Pod D advanced teams included: Los Brownies, Lavender Grooms and Just Woke Up.

Pod E advanced teams included: Loose Lips and The Black Pearl III.

From semifinal A, teams AUZZY POO POO, Super Soakers and McRedd Heads I advanced to the championship.

From semifinal B, teams Loose Lips, Just Woke Up, The Black Pearl III and The Royal Canadian Navy advanced to the championship.

The championship came down to Loose Lips, Just Woke Up and AUZZY POO POO. The teams battled it out in the shallow end. Loose Lips sank first. Just Woke Up and AUZZY POO POO dueled for the crown.

Just Woke Up sunk in the depths of the Hart pool. AUZZY POO POO won the championship.

Spencer Jensen, Ethan Villareal, Austin Villareal and Natalie Hickey pose as champions.
(From left to right) Spencer Jensen, Ethan Villareal, Austin Villareal and Natalie Hickey pose as champions. Photo credit: Trey Wilkinson

“The point of the game is to not get sunk, and the best way to do that is to not get water in the boat,” said Ethan Villareal, battleship champion. “We figured one attacker would be better with three shields.”

Teamwork is essential in the game.

“We couldn’t have done it without the friends and alliances we made,” Villareal said. “So victory goes to them too. It was definitely intense.”

Team Just Woke Up won the competition for the best team name.

“We were all just brainstorming together,” said Lora Allred, Just Woke Up captain. “We were like ‘we’re going to be really tired’ and one of us just said ‘then let’s have it be Just Woke Up.'”

The team won a shark-shaped piƱata full of candy.

Competitive Sports Advisor Ryan Hansen was in charge of running the event.

“We know we’re going to run it at least once a year at around this time,” Hansen said. “A lot of it depends on the opportunity that we have to use the boats and the demand. If we get enough people who say they’d love to have it again (then we will). Summer semester, fall semester, maybe even twice in the winter semester.”