Brad Pelo’s journey to The Chosen

The students listening to Brad Pelo over Zoom.
The students listening to Brad Pelo over Zoom.

On Thursday, during forum hour, President of The Chosen Brad Pelo visited BYU-Idaho over Zoom to talk about his career. 

Pelo was ambitious growing up; he dreamed of building his own business. Over Zoom, Pelo shared that he went through three versions of himself to get where he is today. 

At the beginning of his career, Pelo describes himself as using people as objects to get what he wanted. As he grew older, he didn’t like who he was becoming so he consulted with his wife to become a better man.

Pelo dreamed of becoming a film producer. This aspiration has persisted for as long as he could remember. He reached out to Desert News and they hired him. Pelo helped to make The Legend films Johnny Lingo and Forever Strong.

2020 was another turning point for Pelo, after opportunities shut down around him he decided to surrender to the Lord. Pelo decided to start farming since he had a lot of land.

One day, Pelo’s friend Dallas came to him. He said that a series named The Chosen needed land to film on, for their series. Pelo found a set for them in the desert of Utah. He thought it would be a great place to depict Jerusalem.

Dallas Jenkins hired Pelo to work on The Chosen and eventually, Pelo become the president of the show. Pelo has loved working on The Chosen because he has seen his relationship with the Savior grow.

After Pelo told his story, he was free to answer some questions from the audience. Corwin Johnson, a freshman majoring in business management, asked how you adapt to life transitions. Pelo’s answer was simple: Do all you can to work between those transitions.

Johnson attended the presentation because he loves The Chosen, and he wanted to see someone who has accomplished so much in life. 

Pelo announced that he will continue working on The Chosen. They are currently working on season 5 of the show and all the cast members are returning. You can watch The Chosen on BYUTV, Angel Studios’ website, The Chosen YouTube page and VidAngel.