BYU-I students engage themselves at Spanish lab

People learning Spanish Photo credit: Haley Price

Every weekday from 5-7 p.m. in Smith 468, there is a Spanish Conversation Lab for people trying to learn Spanish.

“This is more of just an immersive experience, where they come and they speak the language and they hear the language,” said Caleb Woodbury, the director of the lab. “I think it’s more important actually than learning grammar exercises and doing vocabulary.”

Being immersed in a language is a learning technique that is not just suggested by Woodbury. Many professionals say that it is key to learning a language.

Maija Kozlova, who was an assessment English manager at Cambridge, and an English teacher at the University of Sheffield, said in an article, “If you want to learn a language, you have to surround yourself with it and use it.”

There is no need to jump on a plane and go to Mexico to learn Spanish, you can access Spanish conversation on campus.

“It’s for free, so every student can come as many times as they want during the week,” said Juan Altamirano, the secretary of the lab. “it’s a nice environment just to come and talk and have fun.”

If anyone is interested in being a volunteer at the Spanish Conversation Lab, contact Woodbury through his email at

“We want anyone who wants to come and help people and speak the language,” Woodbury said. “They are good to come.”