BYU-I teaches students how to THRIVE

BYU-I will be hosting a wellness program called THRIVE. Photo credit:
BYU-I will be hosting a wellness program called THRIVE. Photo credit:

Written by: Chester Chan

The BYU-Idaho Wellness Center is offering a nine-week program called THRIVE to help both students and community members deal with depression and anxiety.

The program runs May 2 through June 6 in room 141 of the John W. Hart Building from 6-7:30 p.m. It will focus on positive interventions to aid individuals in managing their mental health.

Participants in the program will learn about a variety of topics, including nature, physical fitness, nutrition, relationships, technology and meaning. They will apply their knowledge through experiential learning. The program will cost $25.

The program has been designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for those dealing with depression and anxiety. Learn to apply valuable coping skills to your life with experimental learning and practicing in a safe environment. To learn more about THRIVE, check out its website.

The BYU-I Wellness Center provides a variety of resources, classes and programs to help individuals improve their mental health and well-being. Other programs include Counseling Center self-help resources, anxiety & stress management and emotional management. All workshops and programs can be found on the Center’s website.

To learn more about the BYU-I Wellness Center and its resources check out its website.

For more information and registration details check out the BYU-I campus program page.