BYU-I welcomes Bee Gees tribute band

Bee Gees Photo credit: Bee Gees

The performance will take place on March 17 in the Hart Auditorium.

Tickets are available on the Center Stage website to students for $10 and the general public for $15. The event is dancing and standing room only and attendees are encouraged to dress in 70s attire.

Selak Entertainment said, “Tony Mattina as Barry Gibb is a rare gem. A veteran of the Toronto music scene, his ability to match the vocal tone and style of Barry’s voice is uncanny. Todd Sherman as Robin Gibb performs his role electrically and charismatically. His love of the music and the audience shows each time he steps on stage. Joseph Janisse as Maurice Gibb is a professional on the keyboards and on the stage. His experience as a vocalist and songwriter shines like a light. Stayin’ Alive will get your audience dancing, clapping, cheering, and smiling.”

More information about Stayin’ Alive can be found on its website.