CereAlls sells on-the-go snacks

Kylie Simpson and Adrian Burnside working at their Benson location. Photo credit: Emma Lines

From 100 ideas, 15 Integrated Business Core students narrowed the list down and chose CereAlls as their small business located on campus.

Box pouring cereal with text - "everything but the milk"
CereAlls Logo Photo credit: CereAlls

“CereAlls are on-the-go snacks,” said Kylie Simpson, a junior studying business management. “Most of them, it’s just cereal and marshmallow. Some add vanilla and corn syrup and butter.”

CereAlls sells balls of cereal similar to rice crispy treats but with a variety of cereal flavors. Part of the company’s strategy is to move locations. For those interested, their Instagram posts updates on their location and their rotating flavors.

“The best part of IBC so far is seeing 15 different people meet, coordinate and make things happen,” said Ryan Pennington, CEO of CereAlls and a senior studying automotive technology management. “Everyone on our team does their part to lean in and help move the forward progression of the company.”

Cereal balls are sold at $4 for six, cereal bites at $3 for nine and hot chocolate at $2 a cup. CereAlls has recently added protein balls to its menu as well. They accept payment by card, cash or Apple Pay.

They offer to ship orders placed on their website.

Cereal balls on a plate
CereAlls are rice crispy treats with different cereal flavors. Photo credit: Emma Lines

IBC is open to students of various majors including business, finance and marketing.

“My advice for students going into IBC would be to just dive into it,” Pennington said. “You’re going to have to move fast and learn to work fast with other people in hopes to be successful.”

Pennington also shared important factors that help the company succeed.

“One of the biggest things that helps the company function well is communication,” Pennington said. “We strive to have a positive and fun work environment as well. I think that helps everything run smoother.”

The IBC students had a steep learning curve and learned to work together quickly.

“One of the more challenging things so far has been identifying weak points in our company through data analysis and coming up with a solution,” Pennington said. “Having such a motivated team really makes that process fun, rather than challenging.”

CereAlls options
CereAlls options Photo credit: Emma Lines