CoRec basketball team grows together despite tied game

CoRec teams play basketball Photo credit: Hector Alejandro & Flickr

On January 24 at 9:15 p.m., Jaren Abbott, a junior studying computer information technology, prepared his team for the upcoming game against The Winded Warriors.

Abbott is the coach of Honor GOATed and considers it to be difficult to be both a coach and a player.

“It’s hard to have an outside view of the team when you are concentrated at being a player,” Abbott said.

Hoop at the I-Center
The hoop they used at the I-Center Photo credit: Zachary Bagley

To prepare for the game, the team practiced rebounds and arrived early to scout their competition.

“Though Honor GOATed worked hard during practice, The Winded Warriors found the other team’s weaknesses and used them to their advantage,” Abbott said.

At the end of the game, the score ended at 49-49. The team believed they had stepped up working together.

“They have found each other’s strengths and have used them better than the last game,” Abbott said.

Adam Ginos, a freshman studying business management, is a member of Honor GOATed. He noticed that the team got better at cherry-picking.

Though Abbott thinks the team did pretty well working together, he thinks players could work better at passing the ball to their teammates more often.

More information on the CoRec basketball league can be found on I-Belong.