Devotional highlights: ‘He shall direct thy paths’

President Cordon addresses the university. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

On Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 11:30 a.m. in the BYU-Idaho Center, President Bonnie H. Cordon, Young Women general president, gave her devotional address, which focused on trusting in the Lord and the role He plays in daily decision-making.

Before beginning her talk, she invited all students and faculty in attendance to write down impressions from the Spirit to better receive revelation for themselves.

She went on to give various examples of infamous battles over the course of history such as the Invasion of Luxembourg and the Battle of Britain, both of which occurred in 1940. According to Cordon, Heavenly Father knew of the worldwide conflict over 80 years ago, which is why he planned the births of three current apostles at the same time.

“History has taught us that this mortal earth will never be free of the chaos brought about by faithless tyrants who choose power of people,” Cordon said. “But the Lord knows that the true beauty and great potential of this earth lies in individuals who follow Him and His example of doing good.”

Cordon continued her address by sharing scriptures from the book of Ether regarding the Jaredites. She spoke of how the Lord commanded the Jaredites to build barges; without a way to steer them, they decided to trust the Lord to lead them to their destination. While the journey was difficult, God got them to where they needed to go.

Cordon used this story as an example of how, according to her, trusting in the Lord can help people in their everyday lives, even when they’re not sure what to do or where to go.

“Unlike the harrowing journey of the Jaredites across a storm-tossed sea, I testify that allowing the Lord to steer can be a joyful process,” Cordon said.

In closing, Cordon shared her testimony of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and how they know everyone individually. She testified that the Father and the Son have high expectations of everyone, but are willing and able to guide individuals to reach their potential.

“Jesus is the Christ, He lives,” Cordon said. “The babe whose birth we just celebrated is not only our first and forever gift of Christmas, He is our Redeemer. He will answer our questions if we will be open to hear Him.”