Devotional sneak peak: Sam Merrick

Sam Merrick faculty photo Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

On Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 11:30 a.m., Sam Merrick, facilities management operations director, will give his devotional address in the BYU-Idaho Center. The speech will focus on having purpose and developing courage from a gospel standpoint.

Over the past few years, Merrick has worked closely with the youth through church callings, his position on campus and even at home with his own children. These interactions have caused him to see courage in many young individuals. Purpose and courage are going to be the themes of his talk because he wants to help youth develop and strengthen their courage.

“I’ve been really strongly impressed that the youth and young adults today have a lot of courage,” Merrick said. “Sometimes they don’t recognize it and sometimes we can focus it on the gospel and have courage to be strengthened and accomplish hard things.”

Since the devotional is days away, Merrick encourages students to participate in the discussion board which asks how individuals find purpose and courage in the gospel. According to him, students will be more prepared to receive his message by doing so.

“I’ve had some really good responses already,” Merrick said. “The discussion board has a question regarding purpose, so I want people to take that question further and ask themselves, ‘What’s my purpose here at BYU-Idaho?’ Is it simply to gain an education or be employed? I think there’s a greater purpose.”

As a facilities management operation director, Merrick oversees the maintenance, utilities and other behind-the-scenes aspects of running the campus buildings. He has worked with BYU-I for 16 years — his roles have included technician and manager of BYU-I’s HVAC department.

Merrick served a mission in San Antonio, Texas from 2000-2002.