Disciple Leader Conference: Every student is a disciple and leader

Smiling students at the leadership Conference. Photo credit: Tanner Brown

On Saturday afternoon, the Disciple Leader Program encouraged students to become a leader and a disciple at BYU-Idaho by serving the community.

Throughout the conference, faculty members invited students to draw closer to Jesus Christ in their everyday lives. Students can do this by reading the scriptures and praying every day with the intent to write down thoughts and impressions received by the Holy Ghost.

Students were also encouraged to ask themselves these questions: In what ways can we change and become a new creature in Christ, and what can we do to make positive changes at BYU-I?

Tiffany Savage, a religious education faculty member, spoke at the beginning of the event about how every student is a disciple and a leader. She explained how the word “disciple” in Greek means someone who is engaged in learning through the instruction of Jesus Christ.

One way people learn from the Savior is by following His example. In the devotional, students were encouraged to follow the Savior’s example by serving others. Halfway through the conference, students applied this example by helping out in a service project. Students made pillows, plastic yarn — “plarn” — mats, and Valentine’s Day cards for friends.

A couple shown listening to the instruction for the service activity at this event.
A couple listened to the instruction for the service activity. Photo credit: Tanner Brown

“Disciples are those who are not content to watch from the sidelines,” Savage said. “Their commitment to the Savior means they are actively engaged in the kingdom.”

Campus Life Director Tyler Richey explained the role disciple leadership plays in building a career. While pursuing their careers, students should take time to learn from God by writing down impressions from the Spirit while praying and reading the scriptures.

“I am working on improving my prayers and increasing my daily time in the scriptures,” said Austin Stewart, a senior studying business management.

Brother Richey speaking to the students at the Disciple Leader Conference.
Brother Richey speaking to the students at the Disciple Leader Conference. Photo credit: Tanner Brown

BYU-I provides a rich environment for improving these principles of faith in our lives.

“The principles that you learn here allow you to be unique to the rest of the world,” Richey said.

Richey expressed that while learning a major, it is important to focus on others and bring the light of Christ into their lives. He wanted students to understand that they needed to be ok with standing out in a positive and good light.

Allen Jones, student support director, finished the conference by asking who students are becoming, what change are students resisting and how BYU-I teaches students to become disciples and leaders. He expressed how students can find God in the details of their lives through pondering and questioning.

The conference ended with a list of ways students could reach out and become more involved with service opportunities at BYU-I. Students can volunteer through I-Serve, spirit week, student leadership council, new student mentoring, Get Connected and devotionals. Click here for more information about service opportunities.