Dylan Dueker showcases sports podcast

Dueker Sports senior showcase table Photo credit: Dylan Dueker

Each semester, graduating seniors have the opportunity to showcase their skills, potential, success, and craft.

Dylan Dueker, a senior studying communication, was among those participating in the 2023 Senior Showcase.

Dueker has been passionate about sports since age 10 when he forged his dream to be a sports analyst and host of his own sports talk show.

“Dueker Sports consisted of social media accounts accompanied by a blog which I started in high school,” Dueker said. “Fast forward to a year ago, I started a YouTube channel and podcast to go with it.”

With Dueker’s prior experience in broadcasting at ESPN station 61 in Missouri, studying social media and his investment in sports, he knew his dream was the choice for his senior project.

“After having the social media accounts and podcast,” Dueker said. “Everything sort of came together for this project. It just made sense.”

Conducting a senior project and running social media accounts comes with a learning curve, of course. For Dueker, the most surprising thing was the amount of time and research that went into every episode.

“The biggest thing I learned was how to schedule content publishing, research and editing for the many channels,” Dueker said. “It was like a full-time job balancing it all. I also learned that collaborating is a great way to increase your audience.”

Dueker currently co-hosts with Christian Lunday and has had a former coworker from ESPN Thomas Janick appear as a guest to help increase his audience.