Gas prices in Idaho on the rise

Gas pump Photo credit: Dawn McDonald

Gas prices have been a hot topic of conversation in the country for months, and Idaho has felt the impact of rising prices. The increase has been particularly harsh on BYU-Idaho students.

Recent BYU-I graduate, Hailey Whitten, voiced her frustration with Idaho’s gas prices.

“(We) moved cross country and they were lower in every single state we filled up in,” Whitten said.

According to AAA, the average price per gallon of gas in the United States today was $3.45; the average in Idaho sat a little higher at $3.61. A month ago that number was $3.41 in Idaho.

At the end of January, Gas Buddy released their analysis of the month, citing an interesting fact about the deviation in gas prices depending on where in Idaho residents are filling up.

According to the Gas Buddy analysis, “The cheapest station in Idaho was priced at $3.05/g (on Jan. 29) while the most expensive was $3.99/g, a difference of 94.0 cents per gallon.”

It doesn’t look like relief is coming soon, either.

According to Gas Buddy, “There appears to be little good news on the gas price front, with prices unlikely to turn around any time soon. Because of the surge in prices last spring, many refineries that had planned deferred maintenance until 2023. With the can kicked to this year, we may have similar challenges producing enough refined products to meet demand.”

As spring and summer approach, gas prices might impact students hitting the road to explore national parks and Idaho’s other scenic spots.