Information on general conference tickets

Salt Lake City temple at night Photo credit: Michael Hart & Unsplash

Since the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 192 general conference sessions have been held.

According to the Church’s website, “Founder Joseph Smith called the original conference of the newly organized Church on 9 June 1830, shortly after the 6 April 1830 organization of the faith. Only 27 members were present.”

When going to conference, there are many who wait outside the building because they could not secure a ticket before arriving. Tickets are free, but if someone waits too long, they won’t be able to make it inside to watch a session of general conference live.

Many students at BYU-Idaho have never visited Utah or attended general conferences in person. Because of that, finding tickets for conference might be new.

For all wards, there are an allotted amount of tickets that Bishops can reserve for members. Talking to a Bishop will provide information on tickets and how to get ahold of them.

If tickets aren’t secured, those interested can still watch conference at Temple Square, which is an outdoor area near the historic chapels and the Salt Lake City Temple.

For those who aren’t planning on watching general conference in Salt lake City, the conference can be streamed live here on April 1-2.