Member Tools updates with new features

Member Tools app Photo credit: Gabriela Fletcher

The Member Tools app updated to version 4.7.1 with new features to improve organization tools for leaders and perform more membership-related tasks in one location.

View quorum and class lists under the “Organizations” tab

Screenshot of organizations tab showing different organizations- "Relief society 3", "Aaronic priesthppd quorums", "young women", "sunday school", and "primary"
Organizations shows the callings in the various levels of leadership in the ward. Photo credit: Gabriela Fletcher

This feature allows ward members to easily find contact information for their quorum or class leaders, as well as allows teachers to view class and quorum member lists.

Submit the quarterly report under the “Reports” tab and record visitor attendance

Screenshot showing "reports" with various sub categoires such as birthday list, class and quorum attendance, etc.
Reports tab shows various categories for leadership to organize data. Photo credit: Ashlee Henning

The reports tab is a feature only available to those in leadership callings, such as class and quorum presidencies. The tab now includes an option for bishoprics and branch presidencies to submit quarterly reports in the app. Organization leaders can now report the attendance of visitors as well as ward members.

Manage records and create lists

screenshot of app with two lists- "leadership" and "Family home evening"
Example of customizable lists in Member Tools app Photo credit: Gabriela Fletcher

Bishoprics and branch presidencies can now move records and record ordinances in options under the “Reports” tab. All members can also create customized lists under the “More” tab to organize contacts for callings or personal use.

Schedule temple appointments

Screen shot of menu that has the following options- "Schedule appointment", "ordinance schedule", "prayer roll" and "ordinances ready"
Options for temple scheduling in Member Tools Photo credit: Gabriela Fletcher

Under the “More” tab, members can now schedule temple appointments, submit names to the temple prayer roll and connect to FamilySearch to find ordinances ready to be performed by proxy.

To download the member tools app, visit the Apple store or Google Play.