Nashville Tribute Band brings the Spirit and country music to Rexburg

The Nashville Tribute Band with Rylie Davis after the concert. Photo credit: Amberleigh Broker
The stage of the Nashville Tribute Band concert.
The Nashville Tribute Band performed in the Hart Auditorium Friday evening. Photo credit: Amberleigh Broker

Returned missionaries, long-time fans and first-timers enjoyed the original music of the band. The Truman Brothers opened the night with an original song, “Oh Child.” Rylie Davis, a singer from Idaho, joined the band to perform “Emma” and “Tears on His Feet.”

Ben and Chad Truman on stage singing "Oh Child" Rylie Davis on stage with band members singing "Tears on His Feet

“My favorite song is ‘Peter (Wide Awake),'” said Ashley Marks, an elementary education major at BYU-Idaho. “I listened to their music on my mission. It’s nostalgic, and it’s catchy.”

Some members of the audience had not heard the band’s music before.

“It was so good,” said Deidre Vause, a humanities major at BYU-I. “I loved them.”

Jason Deere, Tim Gates and Ben Truman on stage
The band's music has lifted the spirits of many, including missionaries, for nearly 20 years. Photo credit: Amberleigh Broker

The band opened by sharing the message they hoped the audience gain from the concert.

“It is better to believe even if you don’t know,” said Jason Deere, one of the band’s co-founders and members. “You’ll never know it all. Sometimes we just need to be still and know that He is God.”

After the performance, the band met with many fans.

The music has impacted members of the band as well.

Ben Truman, son of co-founder Dan Truman, was on his mission when the Nashville Tribute Band started. His father sent him some of the songs he was working on.

“It blew me away to have this music on my mission,” Ben Truman said.

After traveling for performances, Tim Gates said he comes home spiritually uplifted and Brad Hull agreed.

“Every time we do a show, it has grounded me spiritually,” Hull said.

The six-man band has released 10 albums over 20 years with over 100 songs which can be found on all streaming platforms.

Visit the Nashville Tribute Band on Instagram, Facebook or their website.