New grandparents are waiting for service

Nursing home
Nursing home By: Flickr

Each Sunday, everyone has the opportunity to gain a little perspective on life, and it has nothing to do with attending church.

Adopt a Grandparent is an event held each Sunday through I-Serve, BYU-Idaho’s initiative to provide opportunities to serve in Christ-like ways on and off campus.

Students meet at the North West roundabout between the Hyrum Manwaring Center, and the BYU-Idaho Center, where a passenger van will drive them to that week’s care center. Those who register through I-Serve will receive a confirmation email that includes the time of departure and their ticket.

Locations for Adopt a Grandparent rotate weekly between local care centers like Temple View Transitional Care Center, Homestead Assisted Living and Sage Grove Assisted Living in Rigby.

Brianna Leal, a junior studying business management marketing, has attended the event numerous times throughout the semester.

“It’s nice to devote my Sunday to bringing smiles to their faces,” Leal said. “It’s so awesome to see what an impact you have. If you just visit them and talk with them, they truly appreciate us being there with them.”

Those attending are expected to follow guidelines initiated by both I-Serve standards, as well as those instituted by the assisted living facilities.

Activities during visits vary from location to location and by individual, but opportunities to connect and serve prove to be abundant.

McCall Smith, a sophomore studying political science, attended for the first time with uncertain expectations.

“I expected it to be helping with their daily habits, though I was unsure,” Smith said. “In reality, it was focused more on bringing joy into their life. While playing games, I got to see them break out of their shells and help bring back good memories with their grandchildren.”

Adopt a Grandparent will continue during the spring semester after General Conference weekend.