Official notice: Winter wind chills

Spori close-up Photo credit: Brittanie Smith

On Sunday BYU-Idaho released an official notice alerting students and faculty of a wind chill warning in Rexburg until Monday at noon. Since chills are expected to be as cold as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, the notice recommends that students stay indoors as much as possible and dress accordingly when outside to prevent potential frostbite.

Despite the temperature, however, BYU-I’s campus will stay open and the notice exhorts faculty to take any necessary precautions for students who may not feel comfortable walking to class in such conditions.

“We trust students and employees will manage their own well-being and safety during these extreme weather conditions,” the notice said. “Faculty are encouraged to be flexible with students that may not have the means or feel safe walking long distances to attend class Monday.”

Some professors will hold classes over Zoom, while others may be canceled altogether. Students will be notified by their instructors if their schedules for Monday will be changed.