Official notices: Devotionals and dating safety

A date at the garden Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

On Friday, Jan. 6, BYU-Idaho released two official notices — one announcing a worldwide devotional featuring Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife, Sister Patricia T. Holland, and another regarding dating safely on campus and how to avoid the potential dangers that may come.

Worldwide Devotional

On Jan. 8 at 6 p.m. Elder Holland and his wife will speak at a young adult fireside. Although they will be speaking at the Utah Tech University campus from the M. Anthony Burns Arena in St. George, Utah, the devotional will be broadcast live in the BYU-Idaho Center. Those who attend the broadcast will receive cookies following Elder and Sister Holland’s remarks. The devotional may also be live-streamed.

Dating Safely

Going on dates is a common and popular activity among college students, but it may not always be the safest thing, even among BYU-Idaho students. As dating apps such as Mutual and Tinder continue to grow in popularity, strangers can begin chatting online with just the swipe of a finger. With that being said, the notice implores students, both new and seasoned, to take caution when dating online.

The notice said, “For students, dating apps and social media have become a major way of meeting new people, but they have also created new challenges and safety concerns at the university. Remember, no matter how you met or where you met, no one has the right to commit unwanted sexual acts against you or violate your boundaries in any way.”

The notice also included various tips as to how one may stay safe when going on dates, especially with individuals from dating apps and sites:

— Do not hesitate to leave if you are in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, nervous or afraid, even if an early departure seems rude. Exercise good judgment, and above all, trust your instincts.

— Don’t take everything you read or see online at face value. It is easy to misrepresent one’s motives on dating apps, and many people do.

— Remember that it takes time to build healthy relationships and to truly get to know an individual. Arrange group or double dates to give you time to get to know someone well.

While the notice contained several other safety tips, these are just a few. The notice ended by stating that victims of sexual misconduct are not considered violators of the Honor Code. For further questions, comments or concerns, people may email the Title IX Office at or may visit the office in the Spencer W. Kimball Administrative Building, room 290.