Panel answers questions on stress, anxiety and depression

Girl talking to her therapist Photo credit: polina zimmerman & pexels

The Wellness Center and HOPE are working together to host a mental health panel on Thursday from 7-8 p.m. in MC 117 to help and answer questions about stress, anxiety and depression.

The Mental Health Panel is part of the Wellness Center’s mental health campaign, “You are not alone.”

There will be two counselors from the counseling center and a wellness professional on the panel.

Shaylene Karrison, current student director of the Hope Council, suggested preparing for the panel by thinking about how your physical health and habits may affect your mental health.

Students will have time to ask questions during the panel. There will also be a QR code for them to anonymously ask questions.

On Wednesday the HOPE Council will have a booth in the Hyrum Manwaring Center to teach about burnout and how to cope with it.

The HOPE council’s acronym stands for Healing, Outreach, Prevention and Education.

“We’re just a student outreach council here on campus with a goal of educating students about mental health as well as reducing the stigma around mental health,” Karrison said.

She compared HOPE to a bridge between the students and the council center.