PPC and Events Management class co-host Better to Best

Certified tutor, Kaitlyn Tippets in front of the Presentation Practice Center's main entrance Photo credit: Micheal Nading Jr.

On Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. in the Manwaring Student Center Little Theater, the Presentation Practice Center and the Events Management class will be hosting the event, Better to Best.

The PPC is expecting to have three presenters — Dallin Jenkins, Kayla Nicholls and Kaitlyn Tippets — speak on three topics, which include overcoming your inner critic, how to use your body language and voice to tell a story, and properly using visual aids.

“We have so many people devoted to making this a great event,” said Tippets. “They really want this to be something that students can gleam and can come away with a really good experience. There is a lot of people trying to think outside the box and it’s just cool to see a lot of people coming together to make something special for the students. I am excited to see their vision come to life.”

Better to Best is hosted once a semester, but this event will be different since the PPC is collaborating with the Events Management class to put on the event. With this change, they are looking to branch out from topics students are used to hearing from their professors.

Spencer Haacke, the director of the PPC, said that their goal for these events is to create a workshop that promotes confidence through the little things.

After this event, the PPC plans to host at least two other activities this semester. The first will feature guest speaker Mike Reynolds; he will talk about public speaking, practice and body language. The second is the PPC’s acclaimed Best of Ted style talks.

Those who have further questions about the PPC can visit its website.