Rexburg Denny’s opens in March

Denny's in Rexburg Photo credit: Skylar Brown

The highly-anticipated addition to Rexburg’s restaurant scene, Denny’s, is scheduled to open in March.

The restaurant is in the process of hiring for all available positions. On Feb. 6, 7 and 8 initial interviews will take place with District Manager Carrie Jones and General Manager Samuel Broadbent.

“We’re willing to look at anybody who’s just excited to get on board and start learning about it,” Broadbent said. “You know, and if they’re learning to cook or learning to serve for the first time, we’re perfectly OK with that.”

Those interested in applying for a position with Denny’s can do so by reaching out to Jones through email, or phone, (805) 200-7503. An application can also be submitted on

The location will offer all the latest technology and equipment for staff and customer ease.

“This is our newest location, and so it will come with all the new bells and whistles,” Jones said.

The business was originally scheduled to open at the end of 2022, but the company had to reevaluate its opening due to a crucial electrical panel that they have yet to receive.

The diner will offer 24/7 service, as is typical of a Denny’s franchise. The restaurant will seat 157 customers.

The breakfast place is located at 585 N. Second E. in Rexburg, next to Deseret Industries.

AD Rexburg LLC is the third biggest franchise in the Denny’s collection. The company owns stores in California, Washington and Idaho.