Ryan Hamilton connects with audiences in stand-up show

Audiences filed out of the I-Center at the close of the evening. Photo credit: Amberleigh Broker

Ryan Hamilton touched audiences with his comedy performance on March 10.

His stand-up routine included a comedic yet rather harrowing retelling of his experience being hit by a bus, followed by pieces about everything from going to the hairdresser to inside jokes about growing up in Idaho.

“I really liked when he was talking about the potato harvest,” said Emma Downie, a sophomore studying fine arts. “I love Idaho so hearing him joke about those things was fun.”

Hamilton’s performance was particularly moving for some audience members. Gregg Beardsley was in Rexburg because his father passed away the night before the show.

“He was a great man, so it was a good opportunity to come,” Beardsley said. “He would have enjoyed us coming tonight. It was a wonderful opportunity. It’s good to see local talent being developed.”

At the end of the show, Hamilton opened the floor for the audience to ask him questions.

“A lot of kids were asking questions,” said Genna Waldron, a camera operator for the AV broadcast team. “He brought a little boy on stage and it was really cute how he was able to interact with the audience and be super nice about it. I really liked being able to hear the audience interaction, it was cool being able to feel like someone sitting far away might benefit from what I was recording.”

Many audience members hope to see more comedians on Center Stage in the future.

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