Skyline Research invites students to strengthen their families

Carol Rice created a word cloud of the family proclamation to highlight the repeated words in the proclamation.
Carol Rice created a word cloud of the family proclamation to highlight the repeated words in the proclamation.

Two representatives of the Skyline Research Institution visited BYU-Idaho last Friday to enlighten students about their research of the Family Proclamation and what they want others to know about it.

“I have taken religion classes that talk about the family and it was just so good to have that testimony strengthened once again in a different way and I love the research that they have too,” said Hallie Lowe, a junior studying biology education. “I thought that was super sweet.”

Skyline Research encouraged students to find answers to their questions and concerns about the Family Proclamation by using the resources available on their website. These resources include experiences, scriptures, scholarship resources, podcasts and more.

The Skyline Research Institute is a non-profit organization and right now it is focused on sharing its research on the Family Proclamation. This project aims to help those who have unanswered questions and concerns about what the proclamation states.

Carol Rice, the director of communications for Public Square Magazine, is the director of Skyline Research and started researching the family proclamation with Angela Valentine, a co-founder of Skyline Research, in 2019. 

Through their research in the United Nations Organization, Rice and Valentine accepted a challenge to annotate every line of the Family Proclamation by gathering their research and data now available on the Family Proclamation website.

Brent Andrewsen, a tax attorney from Utah and chairman of Skyline Research Institute, helped out with the research on the Family Proclamation and even conducted interviews in the podcast found on the website.

Andrewsen explains in the presentation that the first sentence of the Family Proclamation states, “We, the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” The Church’s core belief is led and guided by prophets and apostles who speak in the name of God on Earth.

During the research process, Rice created a word cloud for the Family Proclamation ten times to find out what words are repeated the most in the document. The words repeated most often were “God,” “family” and “children.”

“Every time, what it showed me is the hidden message and the author in this document are the same,” Rice said. “We never have to wonder, it’s for real, and it’s from God.”