Students cheer on powerlifting competition

Participants of the event getting the weights ready for lifting
Participants of the event getting the weights ready for lifting

In the John W. Hart Building from 10-12 p.m. on March 25, powerlifting participants, parents, judges and volunteers came together for the powerlifting competition.

Parents and friends cheered the participants on while judges and volunteers were busy setting up the weights and evaluating the results of the participants.

The event was advertised in the BYU-Idaho Wellness Center on the Fit4Life activity table. Participants signed up online through the BYU-Idaho website.

The powerlifting competition invited 45 men and 45 women to sign up.

“The men’s allotment always fills up faster than the women’s allotment,” said Lisa Robinson, an advisor over campus recreation fitness. “If the women’s allotment doesn’t fill up, then the men can fill the rest of the space.”

Six judges and several volunteers — most Wellness Center employees or students from ES 381 — helped with the activity.

The powerlifting competition was a safe environment for those striving to become weightlifters and powerlifters. The cost of competing was $10, whereas powerlifting competitions out of school traditionally cost around $100.

“The support is the most important part of this event,” Robison said. “The energy of their friends and family helps them feel great after the competition.”

“The energy of the event feels awesome,” said Ingram Smart, a BYU-I alumna and audience member.