Students share stories at The Yarn

Students watch performers at The Yarn Photo credit: Jessica Clark

Laughter, clapping and jazz music floated from the Hyrum Manwaring Center on Feb. 28 as students shared stories written in introductory communication classes.

student at The Yarn
student at The Yarn Photo credit: Jessica Clark

Students shared a broad range of stories, from stealing to dating.

Student sharing work from phone onstage, speaking into microphone
Iride Gonzalez Photo credit: Jessica Clark

“I feel like everybody is very eager to tell horror stories about dating at BYU-Idaho and how other people are terrible,” said Iride Gonzales, a senior studying communication. “Even though some of those stories might be true, I think it’s good to highlight the good. I had a positive experience, and I thought it was worth talking about.”

Young women with arms extended sitting on stage with a microphone
Student sharing story at the Yarn Photo credit: Jessica Clark

Students in introductory classes were assigned to write a narrative and a few were selected to be read at The Yarn, an event that happens on campus each semester.

Stephen Henderson at The Yarn
Stephen Henderson at The Yarn Photo credit: Jessica Clark

Stephen Henderson is a professor in the communication department and the person who started The Yarn.

“The event started years ago,” Henderson said. “It was just between my two classes that I taught because I just wanted them to hear each others’ work, and then I realized that we could make it something more departmental, so now it incorporates all of the introductory writing classes in our major. It’s just a fun way for them to get together and hear each others’ stories.”

It’s been a few years since the first Yarn. While things have changed a little bit, the goal of sharing stories has stayed the same.

“I was surprised by it,” said Jacob Stafford, a senior studying political science. “I didn’t think there’d be as many people here as there was. I was pleasantly surprised.”

Logan Little, a participant in the event, shared a story from his childhood in which he believed one of his siblings was being kidnapped.

Student sitting at microphone
student at the yarn Photo credit: Jessica Clark

“It took me off guard and made me think,” Little said. “He threw me through a loop.”

At the end of the event, attendees were given the opportunity to vote on their favorite stories, placing Logan Little first.

a speaker at The Yarn
a speaker at The Yarn Photo credit: Jessica Clark

Attendees were also given raffle tickets and awarded prizes throughout the event.

A jazz band made up of BYU-Idaho students played music throughout the event.

jazz band
jazz band Photo credit: Jessica Clark
Students playing trumpet and saxaphone
jazz band at the yarn Photo credit: Jessica Clark

Many podcasts share narratives similar to those at The Yarn.

For those interested in attending The Yarn in the future, watch for posters with information.