Take Down Tournament a huge success

Two wrestlers lock arms and look for a takedown. Photo credit: Connor Olson

A large crowd gathered Wednesday night at the BYU-Idaho Center to watch the Take Down Tournament.

The Take Down Tournament was exactly what its name infers. Wrestlers competing had two minutes to try and pin their opponent as many times as they could before time ran out.

Whoever had the most takedowns after two minutes would advance to the next round of competition. This process continued until the winners were crowned in each weight class.

Alex Crawford was excited to watch his friend at the tournament.

“He should do pretty good if he does his thing and doesn’t get in his head,” Crawford said.

There were several matches throughout the night. Abi Wolf, a junior studying history faced two opponents to come out the winner for the girl’s division.

“I liked being able to wrestle again,” Wolf said.

Abram Bell, a sophomore studying physics won the 149-pound weight division and dominated his competition.

“It’s getting to know the people that’s the most fun,” Bell said.

For Bell, the night wasn’t about winning. It was about the camaraderie between wrestlers.

For those interested, there is a wrestling tournament happening on March 18 at the BYU-Idaho Center.

More information about that event can be found here.