The UAS and International Studies Society hosts scavenger hunt

A participant flying a drone 300ft in the air to take pictures.
A participant flying a drone 300ft in the air to take pictures.

At 5 p.m. on Thursday in the Romney, two societies from BYU-Idaho came together for a scavenger hunt: The International Studies Society and the UAS/Drone Society. The scavenger hunt involved going to four different destinations that involved activities from either society.

One room included a Kahoot quiz about international studies. Participants had to get five out of the 10 questions correct to move to the next activity.

Another activity involved going outside next to the Spori to fly drones.

“I liked the drones because I took pictures and maneuvering the drone was fun,” one participant said.

Those who came had the opportunity to fly the drone and take a picture of the temple and their apartment complex.

In Romney 75, participants saw one individual show participants how to preplan a drone flight on a screen by pinpointing the location the drone would go to.

In another location, students brainstormed how they might use resources if they were in Europe during a zombie invasion. The students protected themselves against the zombies with nukes and an army of tanks.

After the scavenger hunt, participants went to the room where they started originally to have refreshments.

“The idea of this activity was to be educational and for individuals to have fun,” said Omega Thiel, co-president of the UAS/Drone Society and a senior majoring in international studies. “The UAS/Drone Society seeks to educate students about drones and geographic information systems through hands-on experience and networking opportunities with professionals in relevant industries.”

The International Studies Society helps students with their International Studies major by showing them how to use it. The society involves guest speakers and geography activities.

More information on the UAS/Drone Society and the International Studies Society can be found on the BYU-Idaho website.