UAS Team hosts first event

Drone introduction Photo credit: Emma Smith

Originally the Geospatial Society, the team has morphed into a society where students can receive hands-on experience and learn how to operate drones. Attendees of the first event had the opportunity to learn about drones and their capabilities.

Meetings will be held every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in George S. Romney, room 141.

Anyone interested in drones can attend upcoming events to network with other interested students and learn from professionals working in the field. Students can give recommendations for guest speakers and topics that they’d like to learn more about at upcoming events.

“Not only will it be meetings where people can try to get to know each other and understand the industry, but also we’re going to have people come and present — people who are already in the industry — what they do with drones in their fields,” said Skylar Brown, the co-president of the society.

Regardless of drone experience, the society aims to give students instruction and field experience. On fly days, students can gain hands-on experience with the equipment.

“We planned some fly days,” said Omega Thiel, the co-president of the society. “Right now we have the stadium booked just in case the weather is nice, but more than likely we’ll end up in our backup location, which are the I-center courts. We’re hoping to have three fly days so that we can start off at a more basic level and try to do slightly more advanced things over time.”

Students can learn more about the group here.