Walking with Christ: New augmented reality study tool

New Testament augmented reality Photo credit: Gabriela Fletcher

The Church newly released an augmented reality app that allows users to virtually tour the locations of 91 events from the life of Christ along with reading the accompanying scriptural accounts.

This tool is intended to help users better use the 2023 Come Follow Me program which is centered around the New Testament. Users can select an event location and read the scriptural account, as well as view linked media such as videos, artwork or related conference talks and articles.

The virtual map can be accessed through the Church website. The augmented reality tool works best on a mobile phone or tablet but can also be accessed on a computer or laptop.

When used on a mobile device, users can hold their device above a flat surface and the website will use the device’s camera to show a 3D map of the Holy Land on the screen with markers for the different event locations.

screen shots of Jerusalem in augmented reality
Explore Jerusalem with new augmented reality study tool Photo credit: Church Newsroom

Once a location marker has been selected, a list of the corresponding events will appear. Each event will have four study tools connected via four icons at the bottom of the screen.

screenshots of how to use augmented reality tool
Improve studying the New Testament by viewing the story's related content. Photo credit: Church Newsroom

The scripture icon links to the scriptural reference for the event in the New Testament.

The play icon shows available videos from the Church library, if applicable.

The article icon links to Church articles or general conference talks related to the event.

The camera icon shows related artwork, photos or the corresponding chapter from the Children’s New Testament stories if available.

The tool can be navigated through the markers on the map or by using the menu on the right side of the screen. The menu organizes the events of Christ’s life into eight stages of His ministry, beginning with the preparation of His messianic ministry, and ending with the last week: His Atonement and Resurrection.

To try the augmented reality study tool, visit the Church website here or find it on the Gospel Library in corresponding Come Follow Me lessons.