Home News Former BYU students plan to open boutique store in Rexburg

Former BYU students plan to open boutique store in Rexburg

Former BYU students plan to open boutique store in Rexburg
Preloved Rexburg will be located at 24 South 1st West Rexburg, ID 83440 Photo credit: Preloved Rexburg

Preloved, a consignment store that provides a unique thrifting experience, is coming to Rexburg, Idaho. The new store, owned by Stephanie Wright and Tim Worthen, will open its doors on March 25. This will be Preloved’s first franchise location and it will be located at 24 S. First W. in Rexburg.

Preloved’s mission is to provide the best thrifting experience possible by creating organized stores that allow sellers to get the most out of their items while providing buyers the opportunity to find premium brands at thrift store prices. The company was founded in Utah in 2019 and has multiple locations in the state. The success of these locations has led to requests to expand throughout Idaho, with Rexburg being the first location.

Preloved Provo Store
Preloved Provo Store Photo credit: Chester Chan

Worthen, who grew up in Rexburg, has a lot of ties to the community and wants to bring a quality store to the area to provide a service for locals and students. Growing up in Rexburg, there weren’t many clothing stores to shop at so his family would often go to Idaho Falls, Boise, and Utah for shopping. Preloved can provide a clothing store in town that has quality brands at affordable prices.

Stephanie, a BYU-Idaho graduate has extended family in Rexburg. She knows firsthand that there weren’t many clothing choices in Rexburg and it was always tricky finding things that were fun and unique. Preloved offers a unique thrifting experience for both sellers and buyers, and they want to bring that to Rexburg to benefit the community.

Preloved is a consignment store, with its inventory provided by sellers. When sellers rent a booth, it’s their booth. Preloved encourages sellers to put up signs explaining what’s in the booth. They can bring in new clothes throughout the week, and the online platform allows them to control discounts on their items.

Potential sellers can register for a booth on their website.

Booths change weekly, sellers update items sometimes every day and discounts are applied. Preloved encourages sellers to come in often, not only because they want people to come into the store but because the shopping experience really does change from day to day. They also have some of the best payouts in the thrift store industry for their sellers.

Preloved is so sure that people will make money that they guarantee they will at least make back their booth rental, or they will refund it. Sellers are encouraged to bring in higher quality items, ones that they would hate to see wasted. It’s a nice way to recycle and keep the community working together.

Worthen shares that in Utah there were many successful booths that opened up many financial opportunities.

“In Utah county, there was a family trying to have children that were struggling. They found out about Preloved and decided to sell clothing there,” Worthen said. “They were able to fully fund their IVF through Preloved and now have their first child.”

The new Preloved store will have 57 booths, with 34 for women, 13 for kids, six for men and four for home decor. The store will carry everything from jewelry, books, shoes, clothes, children’s toys, baby items, hats and more. The store will change every week, providing new and exciting finds for shoppers to discover.

Stephanie Wright, Owner of Preloved Rexburg
Stephanie Wright, Owner of Preloved Rexburg Photo credit: Chester Chan

The Rexburg Preloved grand opening will be on March 25, starting at 10 a.m. For people that book booths, setup is typically Saturday mornings from 8-10 a.m. For the grand opening, Preloved will be setting up booths on Friday night in preparation for the big opening.

To learn more about Preloved check out its website.