Home News Up Events Entertainment convinces city council to host dance events

Up Events Entertainment convinces city council to host dance events

Up Events Entertainment convinces city council to host dance events
The Zone is one of Rexburg's recreational facilities where Up Events Entertainments wants to hold dances. Photo credit: Rexburg.org

Up Events Entertainment presented plans to the Rexburg City Council on Wednesday to persuade council members to hold dance parties in city-owned venues such as the Zone.

Several years ago, the city council took away this ability because they felt the parties and the party culture did not accurately reflect the values of the city as a family-oriented community.

Up Events Entertainment seeks to hold events, especially adult dance parties, without the influence of drugs, alcohol or weapons and where women can feel safe and respected.

Isaiah Elias, one of the owners of Up Events Entertainment said the company strives to have the companionship of the spirit at events and opens every event with a prayer.

“We want events that uplift people, gather students, gather and connect communities and most importantly, bring and uplift everyone up in attendance,” said Indigo Schumann-Curtis, another owner of Up Events Entertainment.

In order to enforce and keep events safe, Up Events Entertainment said they will have a licensed security team with private and public law enforcement just as they have had at previous events. Jon Lewis, Rexburg’s recreation facilities manager, would also attend events as the city’s representative.

“I don’t want to tarnish the image of the city in any way shape or form,” Lewis said. “If it’s something I’m completely uncomfortable with, there’s no way that it happens in any aspect.”

City council response

City council members did not hesitate to express concerns. Since the city owns the Zone, its name would be associated with any events held there. They asked questions about how Up Events Entertainment would address inappropriate activities such as possible drug use or female sexualization at their events.

“I am concerned with some of the things here and bringing this in because it brings in a lot of culture and a lot of other things we really don’t agree with,” said Council Member Colin Erickson.

Despite these concerns, members of the city council saw the necessity of holding these dances.

“Our young people need something fun to do,” said Council Member Tisha Flora. “We shut it down because it wasn’t a good situation and it was easier to shut it down than to deal with any of the things we were dealing with. I just hope you do us proud.”

The mayor expressed similar sentiments.

“We would like to be able to hold some of these events because I think we need something for our kids to do, but we have certain standards we expect to be met,” said Jerry Merrill, the mayor of Rexburg. “This isn’t three strikes and you’re out thing. It’s a one-strike and you’re out thing.”

In addition to providing activities for students and members of the community, Up Events Entertainment would help bring in revenue to the Zone.

The city wants to work with legal counsel to create a thorough vetting process for those wanting to hold events at the Zone and other city-owned venues.

“Developing standards takes a little more finesse than just asking for credentials,” said Stephen Zollinger, Rexburg’s city attorney. “It is an area that’s difficult to navigate. The trick is going to be setting those parameters in such a way that we don’t get a black eye.”

You can figure out more information about event dates for Up Events Entertainment on their Instagram page.