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What to expect for session 2 intramurals

What to expect for session 2 intramurals
Basketballs sit on the BYU-Idaho Center courts Photo credit: Jessica Clark

At BYU-Idaho, students have many intramural sports leagues available. For session two, the sports leagues offered are co-rec futsal and volleyball. Sign-ups are open for both sports and will remain open until Feb. 23 at 10 a.m.

“I love playing with friends and making a team — everyone is just there to have some fun and get sweaty,” said Halle Schow, a sophomore studying marketing.

Students are excited for the next session. Once the championships conclude for the current session, the next season will begin. Students can sign up through the intramural registration website.

Two girls and three guys must be on the court at all times while playing futsal. For volleyball, there must be three girls and three guys.

There are leagues with and without tournaments at the end of the session, if students are interested in playing without a post-season requirement.

“I cannot wait to get started,” said Colby Richards, a freshman studying communication. “I got a really good FHE group and we are going to make a team together and see what happens.”

The reason basketball is excluded from the second session is simply a lack of teams — not enough people requested to make teams.