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Wildcats’ sharp shooting undoes the Knights

Wildcats’ sharp shooting undoes the Knights
Basketball game Photo credit: Jaxson Chase

On Friday night the second-ranked Wildcats faced off against the third-ranked Knights in a competitive basketball game at the BYU-Idaho Center. With playoffs approaching, both teams aimed to improve their form.

At the start of the game, both teams’ defenses forced missed shots and a turnover each. The Wildcats eventually started hitting shots though and went up 5-0.

The Knights fought back and made it 14-14, forcing a timeout from the Wildcats. The quarter ended with the Wildcats leading 20-17.

In the second quarter, led by point guard Matthew Rap, the Wildcats began to build a lead 34-24. The Knights called a timeout. The Wildcats hit multiple threes and made most of their free throws in the bonus round.

At half time the lead was 45-33 — Rapp scored 15 of those points.

In the second half, the Knights battled back; by playing aggressive defense they managed to cut the deficit to four points. At this point, though, the Wildcats coach called a timeout and following this, the Wildcats never looked back.

The lead rose to 65-47 after a Wildcats 3-pointer. The Wildcats led 70-53 at the end of the third quarter.

“Man, we just started hitting shots, and once one goes in the rest kind of just follow,” said Wildcats player Brigham Nash. “We all felt good coming out of the third.”

The last quarter was end to end. The Knights went on the offensive, needing to mount a comeback they took more contested shots, and played aggressive defense. These efforts forced a timeout from the Wildcats, with the lead now at 81-74. Following the timeout, the Wildcats kept their lead, and even with the Knights hitting most of their free throws in the clutch, the Wildcats won 90-86.

“It was just a good game all around, we cut it a little close at the end but we got the job done,” said Wildcats player Konner Jackson. “Good win right before the playoffs which is always a nice feeling.”

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